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      Tatar-American Regional Institute (TARI) started in Kazan in 1992 as a pilot state institution on the basis of agreement between the Russian Academy of Education, the American Association of Colleges for International Development, and the Center on Education and Training of Ohio State University. The President of the Republic of Tararstan, Mintimer Shaimiev expressed his approval to the project and the Prime Minister of the Republic, M. Sabirov was a direct participant in it. The Institute promotes democratic principles of management, designs its multilevel educational programs according to the demands of the region, not just recommended subject areas, and it receives financing from several sources. Close cooperation between the Institute and its international partners became its distinctive feature from the very beginning.

      The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tatarstan are the founders of TARI.

      Great multilateral support comes from the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Association of American Colleges for International Development, the Consortium of American Colleges, the Publishing House "Glencoe/McGraw-Hill," the Center on Education and Training, the Business College and the College of Education of Ohio State University, the Community College of Florida in Jacksonville, Wakesh Community Technical College, and the South-Western Educational District of Columbus, Ohio, and others are partners of the Institute and represent the board of trustees.

Татарско-американский региональный институт

The Research Manager of the project is Mirza I. Makhmoutov, the first Rector of TARI, who holds a doctorate degree in Pedagogics and a candidate degree in Philology, is an academician of the Russian Academy of Education and secretary-academician of the of the Sociology and Economics branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Laureate of Kroupskaya prize and the State prize of the Republic of Tatarstan, Honored Researcher of the Russian Federation.
Since 1995, the Rector of the Institute is an Honored Teacher of the Republic of Tatarstan, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Socio-Psychological Sciences, Winner of the Contest of Russia "Manager of the Year-2001," Professor Dilyara M. Shakirova.

      Tatar-American Regional Institute is a State Higher Educational Institution under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Tatarstan (the license of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation granting the rights to provide educational services for Master's and Bachelor's degrees)
  • №1393 the certificate of state accreditation (24.02.2004)
  • №1724 the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan granting the rights to provide educational services for Master's and Bachelor's degrees (24.02.2004).
  • TARI is a team of high quality and great experience in administration, research, and education. Candidates and Doctors of Sciences make 67% of the staff.
  • A number of distinguished educators from abroad make a part of the educational process. TARI is well-known in Tatarstan for the on-going international programs of student exchange. More than 100 overseas scholars and experts from major US universities and colleges were invited to deliver lectures and seminars; more than 200 American students got the feel of the national culture of Tatarstan while visiting TARI; more than 50 administrators, scholars, and about 100 students of the Institute visited the USA for internship. In particular, during the visit of 1997, scholars and students received a welcoming telegram from President Bill Clinton. Their visit was the subject of American mass media and the delegation was invited to the Senate of Ohio and the White House. They also got experience in the field of Business Communication.
  • The Library collection of the Institute keeps extending. Today it contains more than 30,000 educational and scientific volumes of native and overseas authors. Annually, American trustees send to the Institute books published in the USA, which constitute its valued treasury.
  • The Center of Information Technologies facilitates the educational process. It joins three computer classes and all departments of the Institute with more than 100 PCs and peripherals. The local network is operated by the server for e-mail and access to Internet. The Institute is the leading power in the use of multimedia in the educational process and developing study courses on CD-ROM.
  • In the process of betterment of social-economical conditions in the Republic of Tatarstan TARI takes up a mission of training highly qualified competitive experts of high moral standards to develop the social sphere of the regional economy. As a pilot Institution, TARI applies advanced methods of Russian and foreign experts in the educational process and employs innovation technologies of education modernization.
  • One of the methods of moulding a moral person at TARI is the introduction of Essentials of Aesthetic Education as a mandatory course for all students of the Institute. Thus, students take an active part in arts (theater, choir, dances) and sports (tourism, football, chess) activities and participate in city festivals, and in so doing develop their creative potential
  • Educational services provided by the Institute embrace various levels of training, further training, and skills improvement for experts in social-economic areas issuing diplomas upon completion of each level. The well-established system of continuing education at TARI provides all levels of education:
          postgraduate degrees.
  • Transition from one level to the next one is based upon assessment of student achievements corresponding to educational goals for a certain level and credits.
  • Graduates receive the State Diploma of Russia, American Certificate of Competence, and Career Passport.
      High School Programs
  • specialized classes
  • associate degree
  • preparatory courses
  • professional courses
      The system of high school education is realized on the basis of specialized classes concept. TARI cooperates with 11 schools in Kazan and a number of schools at other towns (Naberezhnye Chelny, Vyatskie Polany, Laishevo, Leninogorsk, Tetyushy). Specialized classes where students study English, English Literature, Business Correspondence, and Office Work are opened at these schools. Researchers and Scholars from all departments of the Institute are invited to work at the schools.
      More than 500 high school students who wish to pursue an associate degree study under educational programs designed in cooperation with American Scholars. At the end of the course they pass exams and then they are awarded a school-leaving certificate, American Certificate of Competence and they receive an associate degree diploma as:
  • Secretary
  • Advertising Agent
  • Insurance Agent
  • PC Operator
      Preparatory courses are intended for qualified training of prospective school-leavers for entrance exams in Mathematics, Social Studies, English, Russian Language and Literature.
      Professional courses are organized for students of high schools who want to master specialities demanded in the labor market. Among the most popular courses are How to Start Your Own Business, ABC of Legislation, How to Lead a Team, How to Operate a Computer, Typewriting, Basics of Advertising, Basics of Insurance.
      The Center of pre-college education together with the administration of Kazan secondary school №21 designed the conception to found a Lyceum for socially advanced students who will get the knowledge and skills necessary for future leaders in the field of Business and Politics specific for the region. The project is being successfully implemented.

      Higher Education.
      Professional competence is the key concept of pilot training at TARI. In this framework all students of the Institute master a collection of the following basic skills:
      communicative skills (business texts, formal writing, official speech, efficient communication);
      linguistic skills (knowledge of foreign languages);
      mathematical skills (basics of data processing statistics, theory of systems)
      computer skills (Information Technologies, telecommunications, Internet).
      The educational process at the Institute is built up on the basis of problem education technologies and critical thinking development.

      TARI trains qualified experts holding bachelor's and master's degrees on the basis of modern curricula and programs, which meet the requirements of state standards and the multilevel system of education. Students can choose between intramural (full-time) or extramural (correspondence) studies. The following departments work on the full-time and correspondence basis:
      Department of World Economics
      Department of Linguistics
      Department of Marketing and Management
      Department of Psychology
      Department of Pedagogics
      The Department of Law
      The Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science
      The Department of Mathematics and Information Technology

      Adult Education
      The Institute employs systems of skills improvement courses, training and further training for faculty and personnel, month-long courses in all specialities relevant to demands of the modern labor-market. For this purpose, an analytical information database was set up according to the results of opinion polls and market research.

      Career Center
      The Socio-Psychological Center of Career Planning takes a model of consultative, career-guidance and research centers of the USA and European Universities.
      Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor of the Psychology Department, Irina Vakhrusheva is the Head of the Center since 2000.
      The Career Center guides students during their study at TARI. The system of psychological support is provided through the following special programs: Career Planning, Introduction to the Career, trainings in Business Communication, Socio-Psychological Development and Behavior Perception. Graduates of the Institute get Career Passports that present individual peculiarities and the students' achievements during their studies (diplomas, certificates, awards).
      Today the Career Center is principal socio-psychological center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan.

      Research Activity.
      Research activity at the Institute is traditionally realized according to the concept of higher education and academic research integration as well as synthesis of fundamental and applied education that provides theoretical and practical support for educational process.
      Today TARI closely cooperates with the Russian Academy of Education, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan and its Research Institutes: Institute of Sociology, Economics and Law and Institute of Information Technology Issues. Parts of the Institute constitute integrated scientific bodies and departments. In particular, many Researchers of the Institute of Sociology, Economics and Law apply the results of their research to educational process.

      International cooperation.
      More than 30 international symposia, conferences and seminars have been held at TARI since its foundation. Researchers and educators from more than 10 countries have taken part in the events.
      Administration, faculty and students of the Institute improve their skills in such countries as the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Syria, and India. Scholars from the USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, a number of Arabic and other foreign countries are invited to deliver lectures and seminars at the Institute.
      During the recent years agreements of cooperation were signed with universities of the USA, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and India. Agreements of Cooperation between TARI and Anderson College (South Carolina, USA), Walla-Walla College and Brigham Young University-Idaho, Brigham Young University-Provo, were signed in 2002. In its framework TARI started to use the system of credits applied abroad for its courses. In September 2004 an agreement was signed with the university of Tishrin (Lattakia, Syria).

      The Center of Arabic Culture Al-Khadara founded by the Institute provides language learning, Economics, Arts, History, and Culture of Arabic countries courses. In particular, full-time educational programs and correspondence form of learning of Economics and Tourism of Arabic States are designed by the Center.

      International seminars in different subjects concerned with methods of teaching English and new educational technologies are held at the Centre of English and American Culture. Representatives of British Council, Open Society Institute of George Soros foundation, English Language Office and Public Affairs Section of US Embassy in the Russian Federation participate in the proceedings. The seminars are organized for TARI faculty as well as teachers from other institutions of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan.


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